These people will be nightmare clients, guaranteed.

Start by raising your expectations.

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If the conversation starts with “how much”…

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Tip 1: Only target people who can afford your rates.

If you get unscheduled calls at all times of the day and night …

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Tip 2: Don’t accept any unplanned calls — especially from clients. They interrupt your thought process and will hit your productivity for six. Even my brother asks me if it’s OK to call me before he does.

If they ask you to work for free first …

Tip 3: Unless you have an excellent reason, never work for free if someone promises you paid work later. I can almost guarantee that’ll never happen.

If a prospect goes AWOL during the negotiation process …

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Tip 3: Anyone can postpone a meeting; things get in the way. But if it happens all the time, run away, however valuable you think they might be. You’ll tie yourself in knots.

The same follows, of course, if they can’t keep to a schedule when they become clients. My best advice would be to sack them and look for better ones in their place.

If they think they know better than you …

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Tip 4: Target clients that respect your skills and accept you know more than they do.

If they can’t give you a clear brief …

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Top tip 5: If a potential client admits to being clueless, be cautious. If they won’t commit to specific deliverables and follow your expert advice (because, by their admission, they know nothing), get outta there!

In conclusion …



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