Being free and easy and just writing what you want is great. It leaves you free to explore your ideas to see what works and what doesn’t. It’s something you should do.

But the result is likely to be a hot mess of hokum. A bouillabaisse of unrelated nice ideas…

I write this sitting on a beach in Spain. It’s a trip that’s been put off three times since last year and was almost put off a forth because I was apprehensive about coming here, COVID and all, I thought it might not be the same.

You see, this is…

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We live in a world that judges failure.

We think it’s a bad thing for some reason.

We expect success at every corner. Somehow, lack of it is a judgement of character.

We fetishize “winners“, even when they’re the greatest douche bags around.

We base our school and workplace systems…

I’ve been home alone for three days as my wife goes to help my daughter-in-law with our granddaughter. That’s given me the opportunity to get some me time and some distraction-free writing done.

In theory, at least.

I’ve surrounded myself with ambient music and vats of coffee to put myself…

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The best ideas come from tight corners when we have no choice but to make a decision.

Or from unexpected situations.

Like when you turn your marketing upside down and decide to hit publish. Daily.

Like when you do things you were previously afraid of. Like video.

Or when you rush to meet a crazy, self-imposed deadline so there’s no time for overthinking.

The best ideas come from constraints.

Set yours today.

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You’ve failed.

Two and a half words said in accusation. A way of pointing the finger of shame.

Failure must be avoided at all costs. And when it can’t be avoided, it must be denied.

Especially in this world where we see catastrophic failure all around us.

But failure is only another way of saying “not yet”.

It’s another step in the learning process.

A wrong turn.

A disruption.

A bump in the road.

There can be no success without failure.

… But that’s the nature of stories. They stop and start. The business of putting together and building a business isn’t linear. It’s scrappy. It’s messy.

But I have been working.

I’ve been producing videos. Writing content. Oh, and working for clients.

I’m putting together a three-month plan starting on…

Mike Garner

Copywriter, London exile interested in human communication and targeting your ideal client. Lived in France 20 years. Get emails at

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